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Cloud Opportunities 
As this cloud technology model grows in popularity solution providers are put in a unique position. They now have more options than ever. If their traditional technology vendor has yet to embrace cloud computing the solution providers might want to consider doing business with one of the cloud players who offers a variety of different level of cloud (privatepublic or hybrid) and best of breed solutions.


To meet customer demand for cloud-based products, many technology vendors have moved to product suites and end-to-end solution stacks. In some cases, vendors have added to their product offerings via collaboration, an expeditious alternative to developing product breadth in-house. As a result of all this growth and change, many vendors are emerging with amazingly broad product not a legitimate message from any government agency, please ignore it and continue reading the removal guide to remove this threat for free.

Partner programs are changing
Partner programs are changing. Now is the time for you to re-evaluate your traditional vendor partnerships. Be sure to consider all the new emerging program advantages and trends to ensure you’re getting the best support and cloud services available.

Integrated Technologies
The major benefits to partnering with ResolutionsMSP are:

  • Resolutions provides the cloud platform
  • Technology partner provides API’s to their specialty of technology
  • Resolutions integrates partners API into their agent and cloud management console
  • Partner can choose for a private cloud infrastructure to be setup within their datacenter
  • Resolutions supplies a bundle “best-of-breed” package of cloud services to channel
  • Joint marketing opportunities to drive market demand and awareness
  • Extensive sales enablement tools and ongoing sales support
  • Both companies share in revenue growth

Contact ResolutionsMSP 877-827-2928 for more details on becoming a partner of Resolutions.

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