Myths of Cloud Computing

Resolutions Cloud

Resolutions Cloud

Myth 1: You still don’t know what the cloud is

Yes, you do. Some of the cloud technologies that the majority of businesses have used at some stage include Dropbox, Office 365, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And if you have had experience of using these systems and their services, then you will know that they are easy to use and often increase productivity and help to reduce costs. Think of the cloud as a platform that sits on top of the Internet whereas you can access your newer software applications. Which is very similar to how software applications of yesterday sat on top of an Operating Systems which ran on your local computer.

Myth 2: You should make the move to the cloud because cost is the only the benefit

If you are a business then you will likely be able to save money, depending on the current and future requirements of your business, but you need to understand that it’s not all about cutting costs. There are many other benefits that should not be ignored, including reliability, scalability, security and remote access. If you are an end-user or a small business think of it as having your own personalize tech guy, or finance, and law departments at your fingertips. Think of it as having direct and quick access to you bank accounts using secured cloud applications, which is an huge benefit.

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