Myths of Cloud Computing Part 2

Resolutions Cloud

Resolutions Cloud

Myth 3: Cloud applications are unreliable and insecure

If the data isn’t stored on your PC then it’s at risk because of lack of security and reliability. But wait, no, in actual fact, if you lose that PC then it really is all the important data lost. But with cloud the data will be remotely accessible and protected by a service-level agreement, with strict security protocols in place to keep it secure.  

Contact ResolutionsMSP and find out what we provide for our Service Level Agreement (SLA) to our customers for uptime performance.

Myth 4: Productivity will be reduced if I rely on Cloud Applications

No, in actual fact, business owners are able to take advantage of advanced applications and servers, with support from experts who will maintain their data through the latest security and hardware. Data becomes accessible remotely and provides greater access capabilities, thus working to actually improve productivity. .

To find out more information on Cloud Computing call ResolutionsMSP 1-877-827-2928 and ask us about Cloud Computing.

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