Threat Alert Gage

ResolutionsMSP has posted a new Threat Alert gage to their website   This gage has 4 different Alert Levels as the Resolutions Lab Team monitors all types of viruses, spyware, malware activity around the world. This Threat Alert gage and Resolutions current Email Alert notifications will help protect their customers.  Each description of the different levels are listed below.  The higher the alert the higher the risk of a worldwide virus attack.


Threat Level 1
Low : Basic network posture
This condition applies when there is no discernible network incident activity and no malicious code activity with a moderate or severe risk rating. Under these conditions, only a routine security posture, designed to defeat normal network threats, is warranted. Automated systems and alerting mechanisms should be used..

Threat Level 2
Medium : Increased alertness
This condition applies when knowledge or the expectation of attack activity is present, without specific events occurring or when malicious code reaches a moderate risk rating. Under this condition, a careful examination of vulnerable and exposed systems is appropriate, security applications should be updated with new signatures and/or rules as soon as they become available and careful monitoring of logs is recommended. Changes to the security infrastructure are not required.

Threat Level 3
High : Known threat
This condition applies when an isolated threat to the computing infrastructure is currently underway or when malicious code reaches a severe risk rating. Under this condition, increased monitoring is necessary, security applications should be updated with new signatures and/or rules as soon as they become available and redeployment and reconfiguration of security systems is recommended. People should be able to maintain this posture for a few weeks at a time, as threats come and go.

Threat Level 4
Extreme : Full alert
This condition applies when extreme global network incident activity is in progress. Implementation of measures in this Threat Condition for more than a short period probably will create hardship and affect the normal operations of network infrastructure.

ResolutionsMSP provides direct access through their web portal  to vital updates of your Operating System through Microsoft.  Everyday hackers are writing attacks against computers and even if you have an Antivirus Application on your computer you are still vulnerable if you do not manage the updates from Microsoft.

Contact ResolutionsMSP 877-827-2928 for help resolving any computers that have been infected from viruses, spyware, malware, etc.

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