Cloud Antivirus

ResolutionsMSP offers our partners the combined strength of a developed and proven technology with a profitable new channel opportunity. We provide an ultra-lightweight thin client which provides protection using best of breed anti-malware technology and cloud backup and recovery technology.  Our thin client communicates through a web base managed cloud platform.


The survival and competitiveness of the small to mid-size business (SMB) depends on the modernization of all aspects of its business. To understand and manage what it takes to deliver a secure and reliable experience through an internet application each layer in the framework must be managed.  When the SMB implements an Internet Security Solution, it must choose one that provides adequate protection and adapts to its special characteristics for the customer to have a positive experience.

Only ResolutionsMSP provides a web-based managed security platform that incorporates anti-malware and cloud backup and recovery together for the SMB and Consumer markets.

Contact ResolutionsMSP for partnership opportunities.

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