Browser Hijacker, LiveSupport and Windows Ultimate Booster Removal Guides Browser Hijacker Removal Guide
The is a program that is part of the Adware.LinkHijacker family of adware. This program is bundled with various software that you can download for free and when installed will hijack your web browser and search engine so that it is set to This adware is considered a browser hijacker because it changes your web browser’s home page and default search provider to without your permission. Furthermore, this adware will append the argument<timestamp>&from=air&uid=<hard drive id> to various web browser shortcuts and sometimes non-internet related programs. This causes the web page to open when you launch one of these hijacked shortcuts. Unfortunately, there is no Uninstall Programs entry that uninstalls Awesome from your computer and instead you need to use the specialized tools found in this guide to clean your shortcuts so your programs start normally.

LiveSupport Removal Guide
The LiveSupport program is a small program that displays contact information for a remote support company and suggests that you download a variety of security programs to protect your computer. This program is commonly bundled with free programs that you can download off of the Internet. These free programs bundle adware programs like LiveSupport in order to generate revenue even though the program you wanted is free. Once installed, Live Support will automatically start when you login to Windows and display an icon of a remote-support person’s head on the title bar of the active Window. When you click on this head icon, you will be shown a screen that offers a remote support number, which is currently 1-855-544-6024, as well as a tab that pretends to perform a system check and recommends two of four programs. The programs it promotes are Driver Pro, Optimizer Pro, Driver Updater, and System Performance Optimizer.

Windows Ultimate Booster Removal Guide
Windows Ultimate Booster is a rogue anti-spyware program from the Rogue.FakeVimes family of computer infections. This program is considered scareware because it displays fake scan results, fake security warnings, and does not allow you to run programs on your computer. Windows Ultimate Booster is distributed through web sites that display a fake online virus scanner that states your computer is infected and then prompts you to download the installation file. This infection is also promoted by hacked web sites that contain exploit code that tries to install the infection on your computer without your permission or knowledge.

When Windows Ultimate Booster is installed it will be configured to automatically start when you login to Windows. Once started, it will pretend to scan your computer and then states that there are numerous infections present. If you attempt to remove any of these supposed infections, the program will state that you first need to purchase a license before being allowed to do so. As all of the scan results are false, please ignore any prompts to purchase the program.

Contact ResolutionsMSP for help resolving any computers that have been infected from this virus

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