Avast Forum Taken Offline, Watch Dogs Launch Plagued and eBay Breach Affecting ~145MM and more..

Avast Forum Taken Offline
Today Avast posted a blog post detailing how their Avast Forum was hacked over the weekend and that it was taken offline as it is being rebuilt. According to the blog post less “than 0.2% of our 200 million users were affected.”, which means that hacker had access to approximately 400,000 user credentials. These credentials include nicknames, names, email addresses, and hashed (one-way encrypted) passwords. As it was only the forums that were hacked, no license or financial information was compromised.

Though the passwords were encrypted, it may still be possible for a hacker to crack the passwords. With that said, if you used the same password at the Avast Forums as other sites, please change the password immediately.

Watch Dogs Launch Plagued
The anticipated action-adventure game Watch Dogs launched today, but many people are not able to play due to problems with Ubisoft’s Uplay service. In order to play Watch Dogs, you need to login and connect to Uplay, which acts as the Digital Rights Management (DRM) for the game. Unfortunately, the Uplay service has been having issues for the past 2-3 hours leaving thousands without the ability to play their newly purchased game. Ubisoft has admitted to being aware of the issue, but has provided no details as to what the problem is or when the issues will be resolved.

When people are trying to login to Uplay they are instead being greeted with a message that states:

“A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment. You can Try again later or switch to Offline Mode”

When users attempt to switch to Offline Mode, some people are reporting success while others are unable to find Watch Dogs in their list of games. As you can imagine users are becoming frustrated with Ubisoft’s DRM that requires “always online” play for their titles.

eBay Breach Affecting ~145MM
eBay breach Affecting ~145 MM Cyber-attack, security breach, or a bug? They may all be essentially the same thing, however, the outcome is always the same. Change your password.

eBay has been hacked, and it will affect anywhere from 12 to 145 million users. PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay, has announced it was unaffected by the breach.

According to several sources on the Internet today, eBay will be issuing notices to ask people to change passwords. eBays stock plummeted this morning to 50.30 (the 52-week low was 48.06) before starting to rise.

At the time of this writing, many portions of the Investor Relations corporate website for eBay were not available. After attempting to access the In The News section of the site, it was not available most of the day (many times that is fed by Bloomberg to the IR portion of publically-traded companies). It appeared analysts were most likely updating the buy, sell or hold recommendations, and Bloomberg had difficulty keeping up with the traffic.

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