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Resolutions Cloud Backup backs up your data offsite

Resolutions Cloud Backup automates the process of backing up your data offsite. Backups begin automatically and your data is sent to storage facilities located hundreds of miles apart. Your data is encrypted and always remains encrypted using a unique encryption … Continue reading

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Warning: Do not install System Doctor 2014

System Doctor 2014 is a rogue anti-spyware program from the Rogue. WinWebSec family of computer infections. This program is classified as a rogue because it pretends to be an anti-virus program, but will instead displays fake scan results, fake infection alerts, … Continue reading

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Cloud Opportunities

As this cloud technology model grows in popularity, solution providers are put in a unique position. They now have more options than ever. If their traditional technology vendor has yet to embrace cloud computing , the solution providers might want … Continue reading

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Cloud Behavioral Technologies

One thing that we’ve seen in the enterprise antivirus space is that many companies that have products today have really not changed the technology for the last 10-15 years. They’re all definition-based, and despite having some behavioral technologies, most of … Continue reading

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The Cyber Crime Center Virus

The FBI/ICE Cyber Crime Center Ransomware is part of the Trojan /Reveton-Ransomware family and displays a lock screen that requires you to pay a ransom before you will be allowed to access your Windows desktop, applications, or files. This Ransomware … Continue reading

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